Traditional Subjects is an ongoing photo documentary of Native American dancers, artists, elders and other keepers of tradition. All Traditional Subjects images are the creation of James Cook.

The project is being personally funded by the photographer through the proceeds of print sales. In keeping the spirit of the project untainted, it will continue without the sale or licensing of the images for commercial application. It is simply the pursuit of a dream to create a body of work for posterity's sake.

Through the Purchase of Prints you can help keep this project alive.

The Ride to Wounded Knee is also available as an 18X24 poster. For fund raising purposes, the poster is available in quantities of 100 or more @ $2 each plus actual shipping costs. Contact Me for more information.

Photographer's Statement

I'm often asked if I'm a Native American and the answer is that I'm not. I'm simply an individual who has come to appreciate and admire their traditions. Today we're losing traditions throughout the world and it's a loss that can never be recovered. My own traditions, whatever they were, have been lost after several generations of Americanization. As much as I enjoy and employ modern technologies, I place a great value on the past; it's our very soul.

I don't pretend to know everything about the many Native American cultures and customs. I'll never understand most of it, but I'm interested and I'm learning. I'll always be an outsider, but hopefully respectful and respected.

While hiking in the mountains, I found a feather that had fallen from the wing of an eagle. My friends tell me that it's a blessing for the project. It means I'll go on.

James Cook Photographer

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Copyright 2010 James Cook All Rights Reserved
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